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in sixth grade i forgot my math homework so as the teacher was checking it i ran to the trash can and threw up and went home sick and did my homework and i got a 100 and thats how 11 year old me beat the system



omg im gonna do this with my kids for every grade until they finish high school and they will hate me for it but love me for it when theyre 70

she is the cutest thing ever omg

so i was in the bus with this granny by my side when we spotted two girls kissing by the bus stop. the granny turned to me and said “these girls are so pretty. at their age i was pretty ugly. well, maybe that’s why i had to marry a man” i almost died omg


[video] [h/t: cineraria]


Liquid being placed on a hydrophobic material causing it to keep its shape.


tell me i’m your national anthem 


i follow back(:

NYC. Dance. 16.

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